CB Nex is a platform designed to connect people and organisations to climate change and biodiversity resources, projects and activities. With CB Nex, you will...

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What books or articles on climate-change...

What books or articles on climate-change would you recommend? On effects/reasons/adaption/prevention...
ntibareha Eglantine

ntibareha Eglantine

assistant of coordinator

Should developing countries commit to a ...

Some developing countries currently contribute more to our global emissions than Europe. Should they...

What are the impacts on biodiversity fro...

Mining activities are influencing the biodiversity of the eco-systems, but what are the short and lo...

Is REDD likely to be included in any pos...

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) has been widely discussed as key ...

An overview of selected REDD proposals

This report describes the different country proposals on the table to reduce emissions from deforest...

The 'hidden hunger' caused by climate ch...

Understanding how carbon dioxide impacts food quality is vital to tackle malnutrition effectively, s...

Dead plant, living planet: Biodiversity ...

Biodiversity and ecosystems deliver crucial services to humankind - from food security to keeping ou...

Solar in rural South America

This project will introduce solar power in remote communities, reducing their dependency on wood and...
Georgina Rheaume

Georgina Rheaume


Carbon Finance at the World Bank

Describes the World Bank's carbon finance initiatives. These include: Umbrella Carbon Facility (UCF)...

The Guardian's quick carbon calculator

Calculate the impact of your travel, home and shopping habits with our simple carbon footprint calcu...

David Keith's unusual climate change idea

Environmental scientist David Keith proposes a cheap, effective, shocking means to address climate c...
Mukesh Gupta

Mukesh Gupta

Climate Change and Energy Fellow
Ana Evanisi Solórzano

Ana Evanisi Solórzano

Researcher/Pro-poor adaptation and resilience

MIT Energy Initiative

The MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), established in September 2006, is an Institute-wide initiative de...

A Toolkit for Designing Climate Change A...

The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 2007) states une...

Review of Renewable Energy Policy

Review of the existing policy and enabling regulatory environment on renewable energy for GTZ Ethiopia
Daniel Hopkins

Daniel Hopkins

Software Engineer
Amare Abebaw

Amare Abebaw

Climate Activist
Nadav Gazit

Nadav Gazit

Climate communicator and LEED Green Associate

Planet in Peril: Atlas of Current Threat...

Planet in Peril: An Atlas of Current Threats to People and the Environment offers a holistic and wel...
Jose Antonio Macedo

Jose Antonio Macedo

PhD student in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution, University of Porto, Portugal
Andy Fox

Andy Fox

Traditional woodland crafts tutor/eco-builder
Roberto Bossi

Roberto Bossi

Sustainability Planning Manager

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    CB Nex is a database of information related to climate and biodiversity. Experts in the sectors have added relevant content such as documents, tools, presentations or projects for you to search and use. CB Nex has empowered users to classify, rate and review this content for you to find only what is relevant for you. In CB Nex we also encourage you to upload their preferred c ... View >

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