The problem

Global environmental change is happening at an unprecedented pace. Climate change and rapid biodiversity loss are facts we need to face up to. It poses major, imminent risks for millions of people and for generations to come. Our ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to prevent biodiversity loss not only requires technology and finance, but also information, knowledge transfer and capacity building that enables individuals and organisations to act promptly.

The level of complexity and pace at which solutions need to be deployed, makes everyone’s views on tackling climate change and biodiversity loss relevant and important. It is only through innovative and creative collaboration, across borders, sectors and local contexts, as well as new combinations of technology, finance, knowledge and values that climate change and biodiversity challenges can be faced with a fair chance of success.


The idea

Working for many years within the climate change arena we have gained much experience in both mitigation and adaptation efforts. One of the main challenges we’ve all come up against is the need for collaboration and how to effectively transfer knowledge across sectors, countries, organizations and individuals.

We came up with the idea of having an online, open-content and collaborative question-and-answer platform for climate change related issues, and designed However, with Copenhagen not providing as much progress on a ‘climate deal’ as we’d hoped for, we realized there was a need for us to take this idea further. CB NEX is the next generation ‘hub’ connecting people and organisations through content like projects, initiatives documents and tools related to climate change and biodiversity.  It not only provides a collaborative question-and-answer platform but is the main source for anything related to climate change and biodiversity, whether that’s high quality information, resources, practical solutions, experts , business opportunities, enhanced  relationships and build trusted networks upcoming talent; CB NEX is the one stop hub where you can find everything you need.