What is a good project posting?

Posted by: Jose Castro Negrete

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Jose Castro Negrete


A good project posting is a compelling story that clearly describes:

  • The aim and drivers behind the project or initiative;
  • measures used to assess social, environmental and economic benefits;
  • results achieved so far with regards to such metrics;
  • sustainable standards to which your project complies.

If you are looking to fulfil a particular need such as technical advice, investment, contributors, etc. don’t forget to add it on. We can put you in contact with the right people.

Also remember to fill in fields related to:

  • the geographic location, if the project is in the field;
  • a URL link to a website where more information is available;
  • tags or keywords  so your project can be found easily;
  • the sector that best describes your project;
  • people and organisations involved and their specific role.


Happy Posting!