Climate change is set to have significant impacts on countries’ gross domestic product and their social and economic development. A proactive approach to building climate change resilience can help to ensure that economies continue to thrive and grow into the future. The stability of key sectors and asset areas is essential for economic development, however many are sensitive to climate and highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

How CBE and Acclimatise can help?

Climate & Biodiversity Experts (CBE) provides solutions to address the unprecedented challenges that business, governments and communities face with global environmental change. Our main aim is to provide innovative services and products in the areas of climate change, biodiversity and ecosystems services. Our team is linked to a global network of highly skilled partners and associates working in the environmental sector with vast knowledge on Latin America.

Acclimatise is the market leader in climate risk management consultancy and intelligence services. Since 2005, Acclimatise has been helping governments and businesses assess and manage the risks and opportunities of inevitable climate change. We offer quality technical assistance in the following areas:

• Advisory services: Assessment of climate change vulnerability, risk, opportunity and adaptation.
• Communication and training: Awareness raising and capacity building on climate change adaptation.
• Systems and tools: Development of tailored systems and tools to deliver prioritised, efficient and harmonised climate change risk management.
• Local content: Adding value by working within-country partners.

Together, CBE and Acclimatise are offering two essential products for the Latin America region:

1. Climate change risk and adaptation assessments
These assess and prioritise risks, then analyse the costs and benefits of adaptation measures. They help managers to plan for the smooth integration of climate resilience into existing and new facilities.

2. Climate resilient environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs)
The role of ESIAs as instruments for building climate resilience into new developments is now being recognised by project developers and lending banks. CBE and Acclimatise have unique experience in this area and have developed cost-effective approaches to ensure that climate change issues are smoothly integrated into ESIA. We assess the impacts of climate change on the facility, environment and communities in a holistic manner and identify mitigation measures in the ESIA which are robust to future climate change.

The following areas are identified as the main markets for these services:

• Energy
• Water
• Tourism
• Transport
• Ecosystem Services

If you would like to explore how these services can help you make better decisions and improve your projects’ or facilities’ resilience to climate change, do not hesitate to contact us.



People Involved

Olivia Palin Olivia Palin
Programme Leader on Sustainable Ecosystems of Acclimatise
John Firth John Firth
Chief Executive Officer of Acclimatise
Richenda Connell Richenda Connell
Chief Technical Officer of Acclimatise
Jose Castro Negrete Jose Castro Negrete
CBE Director / Mitigation Expert
Arnoldo Matus Kramer Arnoldo Matus Kramer
CBE Director / Adaptation Expert
Alastair Baglee Alastair Baglee
Technical Director of Acclimatise
Michelle Colley Michelle Colley
MD North America of Acclimatise
Jean-Christophe Amado Jean-Christophe Amado
Risk Manager of Acclimatise

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