CB Nex is a platform designed to connect people and organisations to climate change and biodiversity resources, projects and activities. With CB Nex, you will...

What is happening in CB Nex

What financing opportunities do biodiese...

Biodiesel project developers have been waiting for a long time for some framework to help finance th...
César Bermúdez Insua

César Bermúdez Insua

Climate Change Consultant
Mark Kowal

Mark Kowal

Climate change adaptation specialist

United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) D...

Reports from United Nations Forum on Forests Sessions, 2001 - 2009
Moses Ziro

Moses Ziro

Natural Resource Conservation
George Freeman

George Freeman

Joshua allen

Joshua allen

Patrícia Ribeiro

Patrícia Ribeiro

Environmental Enginner

David Keith's unusual climate change idea

Environmental scientist David Keith proposes a cheap, effective, shocking means to address climate c...
Encar Latorre

Encar Latorre


How much carbon dioxide will a tree absorb?

I want to know how much carbon a tree will take up on average over its lifetime? I realise this w...
sylvain richer de forges

sylvain richer de forges

Environmental scientist/consulstant

Growth in a carbon constrained global ec...

This report examines the impact of international mitigation policies on economic opportunities in de...

The Guardian's quick carbon calculator

Calculate the impact of your travel, home and shopping habits with our simple carbon footprint calcu...
Dennis Rödder

Dennis Rödder


What is a GHG ?

I am starting to read about the climate change problem but I am not fully clear for what GHG stands ...

size of national delegations at COPs

I am PhD student working on the issue of integrating developing countries into a global climate regi...

What can be expected from COP16?

Following negotiations from COP15, introducing the Copenhagen Accord, which led to unexpected result...

What were the main outputs in Bangkok ?

After the climate talks in Bangkok this year in september, many negotiators stated that progress tow...

Direct partnership platform: Nexus engag...

The cooperative of grassroots development organizations connects directly with companies and institu...

Sunnymoney Micro-franchising

Sunnymoney is the name given to SolarAid's innovative solar products. It gives small-scale solar ent...

Carbon Offsets for IT Energy Consumption

I am interested in purchasing carbon credits for the servers and other IT appliances that my company...

Why do you think our leaders where not a...

There are many reasons why there was not an agreement in Copenhagen, economic interest, political on...

Fate of the World

Fate of the World is a global strategy game that puts our future in your hands. Decide how the world...

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  • What is a good project posting?
    by Jose Castro Negrete on 21/03/2011
    Tags: cb nex
      A good project posting is a compelling story that clearly describes: The aim and drivers behind the project or initiative; measures used to assess social, environmental and economic benefits; results achieved so far with regards to such metrics; sustainable standards to which your project complies. If you are looking to fulfil a particular need such as technical advice ... View >
  • What is CBNex
    by Jose Castro Negrete on 01/03/2011
    Tags: cbnex
    Climate and Biodiversity Nexus (CBNex) is a platform that connects climate change and biodiversity sector experts and organizations around the world. Through this powerful connection, CBNex users can share quality content , ideas and opportunities; and market their products and services to an international and multidisciplinary network of professionals and partners in this fie ... View >
  • Seek
    by Administrator on 16/02/2011
    Tags: help , test
    CB Nex is a database of information related to climate and biodiversity. Experts in the sectors have added relevant content such as documents, tools, presentations or projects for you to search and use. CB Nex has empowered users to classify, rate and review this content for you to find only what is relevant for you. In CB Nex we also encourage you to upload their preferred c ... View >

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